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coloured blocks

ok you guys hahaha the few who read this journal i had a dream last night and guess who was in it? yep thats right JUSTIN. ok so here it is:

i dont know how i got to some persons house but there was a bunch of people sitting in a circle one girl was laying on some guys lap but there was a joint being passed around, i was offered a hit but i refused since drugs are icky. anyway surprisingly justin took a hit! i was like "omg justin i thought you didnt do drugs?" and he said "well i just want to try it" so i was ok i suppose since i mean curiousity is natural. something happened where i was talking to justin and i blacked out. then i woke up and everyone was still there still awake laughing and having fun and everyone is like "DUDE belen you and justin were hella making out" and justin just sits there with a smile on his face and im just like "whaaaaaattttt?!?!" i was pissed because i couldnt remember!!!! so i was going to leave but before i did i went up to justin and said "sorry if i did anything wrong but since i dont remember us making out close your eyes" and he did and then i kissed him. and as i pulled away to leave he grabbed me and kissed me one more time and that was like the best kiss ive ever had in a dream hahahahaha. so i leave all fucking giddy and just like skip home LOL.the end.

see the weirdest thing is when i woke up i still felt giddy with little butterflies in my stomach , felt so real too bad its never going to happen hahaha unless he is like drunk out of his mind. justin is too pretty to make out with me :/. whatever i dont care ::shakes:: im off now bye x-x-x
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